Reliably produce high-quality, high-profit vegetables: anytime, anywhere

Innovative cultivation techniques greatly shorten cultivation period compared with conventional methods. As a result, profitable and stable production of high-quality affordable vegetables is made possible - anytime and anywhere. Production of nutritious, low potassium, low nitrate, high quality vegetables can be planned. A variety of vegetables can be cultivated.

Earth-friendly high energy efficiency cultivation method

This cultivation method boasts extremely high energy efficiency. Therefore, at the same time as lowering running cost, by eliminating energy waste it has become an earth-friendly cultivation method.

Energy independent and fossil fuel-free renewable hydrogen energy technology

We can offer renewable energy power generation technology by combining solar, wind and biomass power generation with energy storage technology. We can provide complete, fossil fuel free plant factory. A plant factory can be constructed even where there is no commercial power supply or no capacity to supply commercial power due to outage. It also is possible to lower air conditioning cost by using hot water produced when power is generated by a fuel cell; this will be an independent plant factory without wasting the water used for hydroponic cultivation.

Hideki Goto Ph.D.
Chief Executive Offcer
Ecodesic Co. Ltd.