90 ton/year for 1000m2 cultivated area (330m2 facility) /20 Day Harvesting Cycle

Days required for harvesting (weight of one stock) 20 days (150g) by new cultivation method
Growth mechanism not relying on photosynthesis Less than half conventional illumination
Uses water efficiently 350 liters/m2 cultivated area

30-36 ton/year for 1000m2 cultivated area /40 Day Harvesting Cycle

Days required for harvest (Weight of one stock) In a typical method 40-45 days (70g~100g) 
*) 29 days is also reported (70g)
Promotion of photosynthesis by increasing light illumination amount High illumination / air conditioning cost
Uses large amounts of water 150 liters/m2 cultivated area

Installation area 330 m2 (height 6m)
Number of cultivation racks 12 tier
Annual harvest volume 90 ton (green lettuce, approx.)
Number of workers required 10 people
Power consumption 200 KW max

To ensure quality and maintain high yield, we do not automate fully; it is possible to employ seniors and disabled people, as operation is easy for previously non-skilled people.
We will provide all technical and business training as well as service support on cultivation technology and consulting on actual cultivation/ sales channels.

When building a plant factory on the scale of the AFPF-1000, with an operational rate of around 90%, return on investment is possible in less than 5 years.

We will design the plant factory according to the needs of the plant factory operation, optimally corresponding to installation area, ceiling height and cultivated plant species.
We will do all technical guidance on cultivation technology and consulting on actual cultivation / sales channel.

Appearance Size 184 × 205 x 70 cm
(Width × Height × Depth)
Power consumption 200W (Approx.)
In a restaurant etc., one purchases things grown for about 15 days; we encourage to demonstrate cultivation for only the last 5 days.
By connecting standard size shelves, we can also offer a quite large size with small shelves.
For covered exterior requirements, we can offer a closed type cultivation shelf.