We provide various services, not only for plant factories and expendable items, but also for cultivation technology, sales channels and training.

 Business and Tech Training Training on cultivation technology will be carried out at the time of introduction. New business entrants can easily learn cultivation technology, and how to run a profitable business.
 Cultivation consulting At the time of introduction, In addition to technical guidance and while monitoring the cultivation situation, we will teach optimum cultivation conditions.
 Sales Consulting Plant factory operators will introduce sales channels to ensure factory occupancy rate.
 Sales of consumables In this cultivation technique we use special liquid fertilizer manufactured by our company and expendable equipment for cultivation shelves.
 Service Support Real time online service and maintenance system contracting will be provided.
 Intermediate Cultivated vegetables  Since we cultivate in small cultivation shelves only in the last 5days, we sell vegetables that we put in special trays (common to small cultivation shelves) of vegetables cultivated for the first 15 days.